Swordpunk IX May 17th-19th
(Near Monk's Kirby)

Swordpunk IX

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Spring into action as we celebrate life, liberty and friendship with big, metal, pokey things…

From 1600 on Friday you’ll arrive at the estate in Warwickshire where you’ll be welcomed at registration. The team will direct you where to set up camp. The venue is beautiful and there’s plenty of space to choose from.

When you’re ready you can head up to the Shattered Shield, the social hub of the event, where we’ll eat together. You can meet other Swordpunks over a drink, try some of the skills, play games, relax and enjoy our Friday Night Freakshow.

On Saturday we rise and breakfast before a warm up and then on to the activities.

To ensure you receive quality attention the workshops are split into one hour slots of about ten people. Each group is lead by an experienced instructor who will kindly help you get the best out of the session.

The disciplines on offer include: medieval swordplay, knife and axe throwing, empty hand close combat, archery, hojo-jutsu, tomahawk combat, circus skills, rope-dart, whip-cracking, air-rifle, atlatl.

Once the workshops have finished we’ll sit down and eat together once again and rest up before getting changed into costume in readiness for the Swordpunk Fire Circle where you’ll have a chance to take part in sword games, see duelling, fire performances, drumming and knights fighting with flaming swords.

Then we’ll trade songs and tales over a few cups of mead around the campfire.

For those still standing, join us for a dance as our DJ mixes live in Rebel’s Corner.

On Sunday we rise a little later and once again breakfast and warm up before the last of the workshops.

Then on Sunday afternoon there’s boat jousting, bow-battles, a treasure hunt and an assault course to look forward to or if you’d prefer something a little more sedate at this point there are games like Magic the Gathering being played and chess boards to be used. Or maybe there’ll be some one on one time for you to practice your favourite new skill.


Food for the weekend will be available soon to Pre-Order. Check out the Swordpunk IX menu below for an idea of what to expect

Meat, Vegetarian and Vegan Options Available

If you have any allergies please let us know in the information box below.

Swordpunk IX Provisions
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Served with Free From Pasta and a Mixed Leaf Salad

Meat Option: Minced Meat Spagetthi Bolognese

Vegetarian & Vegan Option: Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognese


Served with Porridge or Muesli

Meat Option: A choice of Bacon or Sausage served in a roll/bread

Vegetarian and Vegan Option: A choice of Fried Egg or Veggie Sausage served in a Roll


Tomato Soup with a choice of sandwiches

  • Ham Salad
  • Cheese and Pickle
  • Mixed Leaf Salad and Home-Made Sunflower Seed Hummus


Served with Rice, Nachos and Mixed Leaf Salad

Gluten Free Option: Jacket Potatoes and Mixed Leaf Salad

Meat Option: Minced Meat Chilli Con Carne


Served with Beans, Herby Mushrooms, Plum Tomatoes and Potato Hash Browns

Meat option: Sausage

Vegetarian and Vegan Option: Veggie Sausage


Sweetcorn Chowder served with Crunchy Bread Rolls, Mixed Leaf Salad and Coleslaw

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