What do past adventurers have to say?

By the Sword

Somewhere between a martial arts camp and a festival, Swordpunk takes place in rural Warwickshire UK at the beginning and end of each summer. The inclusive and environmentally responsible ethos makes for a super welcoming atmosphere, and even though I attended on my own I was soon chatting to lots of new friends.

Whether it’s circus skills, blacksmithing, swordplay or axe throwing, this friendly and relaxed event has something for everyone. It’s a chance to strip off the mediocre mundanity of the nine to five world, grab a bladed weapon, and dance with fire – quite literally, if the spectacular evening entertainment is anything to go by.

I took the opportunity to chat to the instructors, attendees and organisers behind Swordpunk, to find out what makes this event so different and special. Listen to the podcast HERE.

Balefire Blades

When night falls at Swordpunk, the score shifts from the clash of swords, crack of whips and clinking of hammers into drumming and wild applause. The legendary fire circle is a place for professional performers to wow the crowds with pyro magic, but also for aspiring fire mages to have a go themselves…

…Swordpunk is not your grandmother’s fencing event. With no competitive element, the focus is on trying new things, finding your own approach, and forging friendships. One is as likely to partner with a respected instructor as a complete beginner. The sparring is conversational, with each partner excited to learn from the other.

Read the full review HERE.

Ross Burton

Swordpunk is a revelation! I have met some wonderful friends and had some incredible experiences. I’d say “once in a life-time” except for the fact that I’ve been back a few times since my first and been awed all over again. Expert tuition in so many skills, all done in a friendly and approachable manner and even an accident prone one like me felt entirely safe.

Jackie Britton

Middle-aged unfit woman says:

“Swordpunk is a weekend of fabulous outdoor fun, trying new things and meeting lovely new people. Don’t think that it’s not for you: it’s for everyone!”

Jessamy Silverman

‘Knives, knives, throwing knives, hee-hee!’ That sense of joy at doing something usually deemed illicit  Love Swordpunk!

Mark Haigh

What a truly phenomenal weekend: something I never expected to be involved with, but will most definitely be repeating next year! Thank you all for making us feel so welcome

Sarah Munday

I’m still recovering from an amaze balls weekend, that was very very much needed. Swordpunk is a truly magical place to be. The crew did amazing job and you could see the blood, sweat,tears and pride that went into building an awesome arena, and teaching some kickass classes.

I not only got to practice skills I already had, I learnt many many more that I can’t wait to practice. I made some bonkers new friends and renewed some old friendships that I didn’t realise how much I missed. Thank you to all of you that made my weekend truly memorable, so much so I had a little cry in the car on the way home as I was sad it was over ………. until next time !!!

Tony Pillage

Fortunately I was well enough to teach at the Swordpunk event this weekend
Beautiful real people 
Met up with friends
Incredible venue
I did a shed load of axe throwing with Mark Bond and Richard Richard Eisinger Wiz 
I’ve learnt to crack a bullwhip
I was accosted by a unicorn called Santiago Genochio and spent some hours in the company of my dear friend Cheyne Towers
Dan Smith and your lovely wife thank you so much for letting me be a small part of something so special
I’ll be back !!!!!!