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We’ve tried to think of everything you might want to know before booking and while attending. If you haven’t found the answer to your question though get in touch and we’ll promptly reply.

Swordpunk Site Map

What Is Swordpunk?

Swordpunk is a weekend of weapon training, martial arts, circus skills and target sports within a fun and inclusive festival environment.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on making the activities accessible. Sure some people have natural ability but most don’t. The important thing is trying and, if you want to  improve, practicing.

Swordpunk is one of the most delightful environments to train in. You’ll also likely learn something new and have fun doing so.

We aim to do our best to include anyone who wants to attend. If you have questions about accessibility please get in touch via our contact page.

There’s no pressure in any of the workshops. We nurture gently and you go at your own pace. That combined with being overseen by the instructor make the chances of getting injured pretty remote.

We encourage everyone to engage with the activities at their own pace. This is not about being the best, it’s just about the enjoyment.

Yes! Many people have come alone and left with a lot of friends and are now regulars themselves. The crowd we have are really lovely and the structure of the weekend lends itself to gentle social inclusion.

Absolutley, in fact we really like that! You can either let us know when you book your place or get in touch afterwards (this is very easy and we’re quick to respond).

We will also ask you if there’s anyone you want to be grouped with when we send out the information and

The workshops are divided in such a way that you’ll be able to choose them on the day and there’s enough flexibility to ensure you’ll be able to do what you like.

Yes! We’re playing with weapons and this is always potentially dangerous. However you’ll be safe in the capable hands of our instructors who will provide safety equipment where needed.

Yes that’s fine although we ask that you do not bring sharp weapons to site.

You’ll be able to use your own gear at the instructors discretion.

We can’t refund tickets or deposits but you’re free to transfer or sell your ticket. You are welcome to use the facebook page, event page or group to do so.

The weekend events are 18+ however some one day or evening events may be suitable. Please enquire via the contact page.

We cannot allow pets on site.

Weapons and equipment are provided but you should bring the kind of thing you’d take camping such as tent, sleeping bag, torch, waterproofs, wellies. And although we do provide it it’s always good to bring your own toilet roll too.

For When You're There

A few bits and pieces to know about for when you arrive on site.

Your ticket guarantees you the following:

  • Detailed high quality instruction in six, one hour workshops of your choice.
  • Access to camp on and enjoy a beautiful private estate.
  • The choice to watch and in some cases take part in the entertainment.
  • The chance to join in with all sorts of fun and games including bow duelling, boat jousting, treasure hunt, assault course and more.
  • The chance to dance your sock off and enjoy yourself!

On Saturday night, you’ll see duels, fire breathers, spinners and fire whips, a live  drumming band and knights fighting with flaming two-handed swords. But more than that, it’s your opportunity to get involved so get your best gear on and join in with the swordplay! Or if you’re a performer yourself you can put your name down to get involved with the show.

The Shattered Shield Tavern will be open to keep the night flowing nicely.

Rebels corner opens after the show and our resident DJ mixes live beats with his mighty collection of vinyl.

As well as the workshops and evening entertainment we have a blacksmith who you can book onto a one hour session with. We also have a shop offering quality Swordpunk branded clothing.
There are other fun activities to take part in such as bow duels and battles, boat jousting, a treasure hunt and a weaponised assault course.

A tradition of more relaxed sit down games has also evolved among our community, probably because some of us need a rest! So don’t be surprised to see folk playing board games who look like they are a character from the game, and if you have one you’d like to bring please do.

Our caterers make a few spare portions but by far the easiest option is to prebook your provisions.

However if you prefer to self cater the closest supermarkets are in Lutterworth which is about a 15 minute drive away.

Everyone is invited to camp on site. While you are welcome to stay off site, we very strongly
recommend the communal element of camping together for the weekend.

The site is pretty big for the amount of folk attending and crewing so you can camp a reasonable distance from late revelry.

We have water taps across site, please bring a container.

We have possibly the most luxurious compost toilets you’ll ever see.

We don’t provide showers but there is a beautiful lake you can go for a dip in should you wish to cool off. And should you also wish to choose this moment to rinse off you can providing you use eco friendly soap. Please be aware that glitter is harmful to the fish though.

Your time is very much your own, so whilst we give you a time slot so that you have access to
workshops of your choice, it’s up to you whether you attend. If you’d prefer a relaxing weekend of
beautiful walks and swimming in the sunshine go right ahead!

We have some shelter but as with any festival there is only so much we can do and the activities we’re doing really lend themselves to the great outdoors. We recommend bringing a full set of waterproofs (including footwear!) so that rain doesn’t stop play.

We perform a risk assessment before each event based on the circumstances at the time.

We do encourage people to test prior to arrival.

Sound right for you?

If you made it through the FAQ unscathed then Swordpunk might just be for you! Don’t be deterred though, we’re a friendly bunch and if there’s anything you’re unsure but would love to join us, get in touch and we’ll let you know for sure.