Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

If you’ve been to Kelmarsh, KDF, Nowhere, Burning Man, Rumpus, Morning Glory or Secret Garden Party you’ll probably fit right in.

If you haven’t been to any of these events, but you value communal experience over conflict and competition, you’ll probably fit right in.

If you think learning and sharing skills is more important than grades and belts, you’ll probably fit right in.

What we can promise...

We can promise a wide range of skills to choose from, whatever your experience level.

We can promise to make the experience as social, supportive and friendly as possible. We’re not running Swordpunk to grade you, we’re running it because we want to share skills with people who want to explore and learn.

We can promise that even if you struggle to learn a particular technique or skills we’ll still have fun trying.

We can promise that there will be a beautiful landscape for you to wander through if you want to sit out of a workshop.

We can promise plenty of time for swimming, making new friends and sitting round a fire.

What we can't promise

We can’t promise that these activities are risk free. Any form of physical training involves risk of physical injury. However, our instructor will always work to the highest standards of safety and we will have trained first aiders on site.

We can’t promise the weather will be perfect. This is England, after all. We will, however, have large covered areas to train in if the weather turns.

We can’t promise you a full night’s sleep on Saturday. After the fire circle there’ll be music and revelry – but we can promise the sound system will be turned off by midnight, so you have plenty of time to rest before Sunday’s training.

What about accommodation?

Swordpunk takes place in the utterly beautiful and idyllic grounds of Newnham Paddox, a breathtaking estate landscaped by Capability Brown between 1745 and 1753. There are woods to wander through, lakes to swim and even a sculpture park to stroll through.

Everyone is invited to camp on site. While you are welcome to stay off site, we very strongly recommend the communal element of camping together for the weekend.

While there will be some provision in case of rain, this is an outdoor event, so be prepared for the British weather! Expect to get a tan if it’s sunny and expect a bit of damp if it rains!


Drinking water is available a short and pleasant stroll from the campsite, please bring a container.
Compost toilets are provided a short walk from any part of site.
There is a beautiful lake you can go for a dip in should you wish to cool off. And should you also wish to choose this moment to rinse off you can providing you use eco friendly soap. Please be aware that glitter is harmful to the fish though.

Is this event accessible for disabled people?

Swordpunk aims at teaching anyone who wants to learn. While we have some limitations, we will strive to find solutions. If you have any concerns about whether you’d be able to take part in any of the workshops, please get in touch with us.

Can I bring my kids?

Unfortunatley Swordpunk is currently an over 18 event only.

What about my dog/cat/pet Lemurian sabre-toothed tiger?

Unfortunately we have to ask that you leave Tiddles behind. Sorry, Tiddles. Having said that, if you arrive at Swordpunk riding a woolly mammoth you win!

Isn't this dangerous?

Yes. We are training with weapons that, by definition, are objects designed to cause injury. However, we believe that with care, attention and training, these objects can be used safely. We train with unsharpened swords, but our arrows and throwing knives are real, sharp arrows and knives. Unless you are a Jedi you will almost certainly hit yourself at least once with a bull whip and it will hurt – but we will ask you to wear goggles and a wide brimmed hat before you use a whip.

It is imperative that you follow the instructions of workshop leaders and that you care for the safety of your fellow Swordpunkers. We are not here to win against each other but to win together.

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